About us


To Contribute to a systematic change in the way society perceives and treats animals. We want a welfare society for everyone.


To be a benchmark in consultation, management and creation of a network for all companies or individuals with whom we share the same vision.
We want to ensure that society embraces well-being as a legitimate right for all creatures, that the law covers their needs and that the necessary protocols and infrastructures are set in place to achieve optimum results.


Respect and compassion towards all living creatures. Confidence in our people, their professionalism and continual daily learning to achieve work efficiency and fulfil our passion of working towards the goal of improving the lives of both people and animals.



Our policy


  • To build a community because we believe this is the strength behind any change and to work towards becoming a social reference point.


  • To create an efficient and transparent management model, working to improve and uphold professionalism and a network that offers support to everyone.