Social Lola

There are times in life when we feel alone, vulnerable and not knowing who to ask for help for ourselves and our animals that are under our protection and for whom we are responsible for.

Besides we all understand how strong the bond is between a person and their animal, the despair of not knowing who would take care of them if, for a number of reasons, they were unable.

Some of these reasons include, hospital or nursing home admission, eviction, an illness or sudden death. Life situations that overwhelm us and cause anxiety to an already complicated problem and must be resolved immediately.

At Lola we want the emotional bond between you and your animal to remain intact and as a result we offer possible solutions such as foster care, dog walking, adoption in the case of death or admission to a nursing/residential care home...

Final goal: To provide answers and offer a solution to people who cannot take care of their animals either temporarily or permanently.